Gaming Terms Dictionary

About This Dictionary of Video Gaming Terms

Gaming terms can be a little confusing. Many of them mix in abbreviations to leetspeak or are terms veterans are familiar with but not beginners. Also, sometimes variations can appear due to being ‘spoken’ in chatspeak. That can mean abbreviations of already abbreviated words, and sometimes it could be a typo that becomes an in-joke within a group of friends.

Ever wondered what some players are talking about? Like, you’re having a conversation and they suddenly go ‘BRB’ and wouldn’t answer your messages. Another situation would be your friend yelling ‘GRIEFER’ at players who suddenly ambushed you. Otherwise, you may be wondering what a ‘gacha’ game is, and why a friend is complaining about it.

If you’re looking for the meaning of these seemingly unintelligible terms, you’ve come to the right place.

Shedding Light onto Gamer Lingo

We’ve picked the most general of the video game terminology to be defined here. That means there are little to no game-specific terms, and these can be used in a vast majority of games. Then we’ve asked veteran gamers to define these terms in such a way that even non-gamers can understand.

These gamer phrases are familiar to every player at some level. Even if they haven’t played certain genres of games, they’ll understand what these mean or have otherwise heard them used.

Why Should You Know the Meaning of Gamer Words?

The first and foremost reason is for non-gamers to understand their gamer friends and/or family. Some of these terms make it seem like a whole different language. When building a relationship needs communication, speaking different languages won’t help. The other won’t understand what one is saying.

In this small way, it will help them understand their gamer counterpart more. A better understanding will result in closer relationships. Now they wouldn’t be as confused when their friend or family erupts in a gaming rant, or suddenly becomes down because of a game.

As for gamers, knowledge is power. Also, it’s possible that as a gamer, you can still be confused about gamer slang. Maybe you’re more used to single-player games, and it’s your first time in an MMO. Suddenly you’re bombarded with these unfamiliar video game terms, and well, it’s difficult to ask for help sometimes.

This dictionary is an easy alternative to knowing the meaning of these gamer terms. With this, there are no awkward player interactions when asking the meaning. Some jerks can take this moment of vulnerability and rub in their superiority and hurt you. Of course, that does not apply to everybody you can ask. Some would be helpful and tell you, or some can ignore you. The latter is also a possibility but less harmful than those who would hold their superiority over you.

Here, you can just search for the gamer words you want to know. No judgment, no awkwardness.

Missing a Few Gamer Words?

Well, we never admitted we have a complete collection of gaming slang. If you have suggestions or additions to this collection of definitions, contact us through the page link in the upper right corner. We’ll consider your contributions and see to adding them to our list.

Have Fun, Whether Gamer or Not!

If you’re not a gamer, we hope this helps you understand your gamer family member or friend more. As mentioned above, communication is an important aspect of building relationships. If you’re not speaking the same language, it’s hard to find common ground. It’s not impossible, but very difficult. With this, you don’t really have to play the game to understand. Taking an interest in this, even if you don’t want to play a game, will work wonders.

As for gamers, don’t get caught not knowing these gamer terms! Expanding your knowledge is always good, and this way you won’t be as confused when trying out a new game or two. Also, you can hear these being thrown around, but you can be unsure what they really mean. To dispel the vagueness of these terms, it’s always better to find out what the player slang really means.

Thanks for using our dictionary of video game sayings! Don’t hesitate to contact us! We accept feedback and suggestions, plus additions to our dictionary. At any rate, knowing these can even enhance the enjoyment you get while playing games. Plus, it puts you on the level of other gamers, and you can start speaking the same language.