What does Gimp mean?

Gimp is a term used in gaming to describe a character build or item that has become ineffective due to a lack of optimal gear or incorrect skill choices. This term can be used in a variety of games, from MMORPGs to MOBAs and even single-player RPGs.

The Origin of Gimp

The term “gimp” originated from the BDSM community, where it is used to refer to a submissive partner who has a physical disability or is restrained in some way. In gaming, the term is used to refer to a character or item that has been “crippled” in some way and is no longer effective in combat.

Examples of Gimped Builds

One example of a gimped build is a character in a game like World of Warcraft who has invested skill points in the wrong areas, resulting in a character that is unable to perform well in combat. Another example would be a character who has not obtained the optimal gear, making them less effective in combat compared to other characters who have obtained the right gear.

In a MOBA like League of Legends, a gimped build could refer to a character who has not purchased the right items to maximize their potential, resulting in a character who is unable to effectively deal damage or support their team.

Gimped Items

Gimped items can also be found in games, typically when an item has been given the wrong modifiers or stats. In some cases, an item may have been designed to be used with a specific build, making it ineffective for other types of characters.

In games like Diablo, players often use random item generators to find the best loot. However, sometimes these items may have low stats or the wrong modifiers, making them useless to the player.

How to Avoid Gimping Your Character or Items

To avoid gimping your character or items, it is important to research and plan your build carefully. This involves understanding the game mechanics, knowing the optimal skill choices, and obtaining the right gear.

Players can also avoid gimped items by using resources like wikis and forums to research item stats and modifiers. Additionally, players can trade or purchase items from other players to ensure they are obtaining the best gear for their character.


Gimp is a term used in gaming to describe a character or item that has become ineffective due to poor skill choices or inferior gear. This term can be used in a variety of games and can be avoided by careful planning and research of game mechanics, skill choices, and gear options.

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