What does DPS mean?

DPS is a term commonly used in online games, especially MMORPGs, to refer to a player’s damage output. The term can also be used to describe a player’s role in the game, where they are primarily responsible for dealing damage to the enemy. In this article, we’ll delve into the various ways DPS is used in games and how players can optimize their gameplay for maximum damage output.

Weapon and Character DPS

In many games, DPS is used to describe the damage output of a weapon or character. This measurement is usually given in damage per second or DPS, which calculates the average amount of damage the weapon or character can do in a second. It’s a quick way for players to compare the damage output of different weapons or characters.
For example, in World of Warcraft, a player’s DPS is measured by the amount of damage they deal per second during combat. This is calculated by dividing the total damage done by the total time spent in combat. Players often compare their DPS to others in the group to see how well they are performing and where they can improve.

In other games, such as first-person shooters, DPS can be used to describe the rate of fire of a weapon. This means how many bullets or shots a weapon can fire in a second. Higher rate of fire usually means higher DPS, but it also depends on the damage each shot does.

DPS Role

In many games, players are assigned specific roles, such as tank, healer, or DPS. The DPS role is responsible for dealing damage to the enemy, and their primary objective is to bring down the enemy’s health as quickly as possible. DPS players often have lower health and defense compared to tanks and healers, but their high damage output makes them valuable assets in any team.
In some games, such as Overwatch, players are assigned specific DPS heroes, such as Tracer or Soldier: 76, whose abilities and weapons are designed for maximum damage output. In these games, players can choose to specialize in the DPS role or switch to a different role as needed.

Optimizing DPS

To optimize DPS, players need to understand the mechanics of their character or weapon. This includes knowing which abilities or attacks deal the most damage, as well as understanding the enemy’s weaknesses and vulnerabilities.
Players can also optimize their DPS by choosing the right gear or weapons that provide bonuses to damage output. For example, in Diablo III, players can equip items with attributes such as increased critical hit chance or damage to boost their DPS.

Players can also increase their DPS by practicing and honing their skills. This includes learning how to time their attacks and abilities effectively, as well as improving their accuracy and aim.


In conclusion, DPS is an important aspect of online gaming, especially in MMORPGs and first-person shooters. It’s a quick way for players to compare damage output and optimize their gameplay for maximum damage. Understanding the mechanics of weapons, characters, and enemies is crucial for optimizing DPS, as is practicing and improving skills. Whether you’re playing as a DPS hero in Overwatch or dealing damage in a raid in World of Warcraft, understanding and optimizing your DPS can be the key to success.

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