What does Gank mean?

Ganking is a tactic used in multiplayer games, where a player or a group of players ambush and attack an unsuspecting opponent. The objective of ganking is to eliminate the opponent quickly, with minimum risk to the gankers. Ganking is often seen as an unethical or dishonorable tactic in games, but it can be an effective strategy in certain situations.


The role of ganking is to catch the enemy off guard and eliminate them before they have a chance to react. Ganking is often used to target lone players who are separated from their team or are in a vulnerable position. Gankers can quickly take down the enemy with surprise attacks, often resulting in a quick victory.

Types of Ganking:

There are several types of ganking tactics, including:

Solo Ganking: This is when a single player ambushes and takes down an enemy player. Solo ganking is often used by players who are skilled at stealth or have a high damage output.
Group Ganking: This is when a group of players ambush and attack an enemy player. Group ganking is often used by players who want to quickly overwhelm their opponent.
Tower Diving: This is a type of ganking where players dive under enemy towers to take down an opponent. This tactic is often used when the enemy is low on health or mana and is attempting to retreat to their tower for safety.

Skills and Abilities:

Ganking requires a set of specific skills and abilities, including:

Stealth: Gankers often use stealth to sneak up on their opponents without being detected.
High Damage Output: Gankers need to be able to quickly take down their opponents, so they need to have high damage output.
Crowd Control Abilities: Gankers may use abilities that can stun, slow, or otherwise control the enemy’s movement, making it easier to take them down.
Escape Abilities: Gankers need to have the ability to quickly retreat if their attack fails or if they are detected by the enemy.


Ganking can be a controversial tactic in multiplayer games, but it can also be an effective strategy when used correctly. The key to successful ganking is to catch the enemy off guard and eliminate them quickly before they have a chance to react. Gankers need to have specific skills and abilities, including stealth, high damage output, crowd control, and escape abilities, to be effective. Players who are skilled at ganking can often turn the tide of a game in their team’s favor, but they need to be careful not to become over-reliant on this tactic, as it can quickly become predictable and ineffective.

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