What does Tank mean?


A tank is a character in a co-operative game who is responsible for drawing the enemy’s attention away from their teammates and absorbing damage. The primary function of a tank is to keep the enemies occupied, allowing their allies to deal damage and complete objectives safely. Tanks are commonly found in MMORPGs (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games), MOBAs (Multiplayer Online Battle Arenas), and other team-based games.


Tanks typically serve as the front line of a group or team. They have higher hit points, armor, and defensive abilities than other characters, allowing them to soak up damage and shield their allies. Tanks usually have a range of abilities that generate aggro or threat, which forces enemies to attack them instead of other players. By controlling the enemy’s attention, tanks can protect their team members, and allow their allies to focus on dealing damage.

Types of Tanks:

There are various types of tanks, each with different abilities and strengths. Some of the most common types of tanks include:

Melee Tanks: These tanks specialize in close-range combat and typically use swords, axes, or other melee weapons. They have high endurance and can withstand significant amounts of damage while keeping the enemy engaged in combat.

Ranged Tanks: These tanks prefer to fight from a distance and often use spells, bows, or guns to attack enemies. They have the advantage of being able to keep a safe distance from enemies while still drawing their attention.

Magic Tanks: These tanks use spells and magical abilities to control the enemy’s attention and protect their allies. They often have high magical resistance and can withstand powerful spells and attacks.

Skills and Abilities:

Tanks typically have a range of skills and abilities that allow them to perform their role effectively. These may include:

Aggro-Generating Abilities: Tanks can use abilities that generate threat, forcing enemies to attack them. These abilities can be ranged or melee-based and can include taunts, shouts, and other abilities that draw the enemy’s attention.

Defensive Abilities: Tanks have a range of defensive abilities that allow them to absorb damage and protect themselves and their allies. These abilities can include shields, armor, and other defensive equipment.

Crowd Control Abilities: Tanks often have abilities that can stun, slow, or otherwise control the enemy’s movement. These abilities can help the tank to keep enemies occupied while their allies deal damage.

Leadership Abilities: Tanks often serve as the leaders of their groups, coordinating strategies and directing their team members during combat. They may have abilities that boost their team’s morale or provide other strategic advantages.


Tanks are a crucial part of any team-based game, providing a vital role in protecting their allies and drawing enemy attention away from their teammates. They typically have high endurance, defensive abilities, and aggro-generating skills, making them the ideal character for absorbing damage and keeping enemies engaged. The various types of tanks available, each with their own unique skills and abilities, ensure that players have plenty of options when choosing a tank character.

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