What does Alt mean?

In the gaming world, “alt” is a common term used to refer to an alternate account that a player has for a particular game. This can be a second account for a game that the player already has a primary account for or a completely separate account for a different game.

The Purpose of Alternate Accounts

Players often create alternate accounts for various reasons. One common reason is to have a backup account in case their primary account gets banned or locked out. This is especially common in online multiplayer games, where players can get reported for violating the game’s terms of service or for engaging in toxic behavior.

Another reason why players create alternate accounts is to start over in a game from scratch. This is often done when a player wants to try a different playstyle or character build, or when they want to experience the game from a different perspective. Starting over on an alternate account can also be a way to relive the excitement of the early stages of a game, which can become repetitive or grindy in later stages.

The Advantages of Alternate Accounts

Having an alternate account can also have advantages. For example, players can use their alternate account to test out new strategies or playstyles without risking their primary account’s progress or rank. In some games, players can also use alternate accounts to help boost their primary account’s progress. For instance, in some MMOs, players can use alternate accounts to farm resources or complete quests that are difficult to do alone, then transfer the rewards to their primary account.

Another advantage of having an alternate account is the ability to play with different groups of people. Depending on the game and community, some players may have different groups of friends or guilds that they play with. Having an alternate account allows players to participate in multiple communities without having to mix their progress or relationships with different groups.

The Drawbacks of Alternate Accounts

However, there are also some drawbacks to having an alternate account. One of the most significant drawbacks is the time and effort required to level up and progress on a separate account. Players must invest the same amount of time and effort on their alternate account as they do on their primary account to achieve the same level of progress and success. This can become time-consuming, especially if the player has multiple alternate accounts for different games.

Another drawback of having an alternate account is the risk of losing progress or rewards if the account is not properly maintained or secured. Since alternate accounts are often created as a backup or for testing purposes, players may not invest the same level of time and effort into securing them as they do with their primary account. This can make alternate accounts vulnerable to hacking, account theft, or other security breaches that can result in the loss of progress or rewards.


In summary, “alt” is a term used to describe an alternate account that players have for a particular game. These accounts can be created for a variety of reasons, including as a backup account, to try new playstyles or strategies, or to participate in different gaming communities. While having an alternate account can have advantages, such as the ability to test new strategies or playstyles, it can also have drawbacks, such as the time and effort required to level up and the risk of losing progress or rewards if the account is not properly secured.

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