Root Sunder Ruins: Ultimate Farming Location for your ESO Account

What does Root Sunder Ruins: Ultimate Farming Location for your ESO Account mean?

For today’s article, we will guide you through the ultimate farming location for the Aldmeri Dominion faction called the Root Sunder Ruins for your Elder Scrolls Online account. Find out more in the article below.

eso account root sunder

What to expect in Root Sunder Ruins for ESO Account Holders

The Root Sunder Ruins, located in Grahtwood, is most ideal for farming gold, experience points, green items, and sometimes even blue items, armor and weapon pieces, and tons of hides for your crafting and clothing necessities on your TESO account. That being said, the Root Sunder Ruins isn’t necessarily easy, especially not for under leveled players, because movement is limited in this cavern-like, dimly-lit area. Enemies in this dungeon are also in large groups of senche tigers and crocodiles that spawn near each other. In addition to that, they spawn very quickly for just 30 seconds, which is why an hour in here could already earn you a generous amount of gold-generating drops. Note that a lot of people farm here though, and that could be problematic sometimes when you’re rushing farm, because you might not be able to get your target amount of hides due to competition.

Deep into the Root Sunder Ruins for ESO Account Holders

Descend into the lower level after you have cleared the first area. If you thought the first area was already swarming with crocodiles and senche tigers, wait until you explore the lower level. Make sure to kill the enemies one group at a time and try not to take them all at once, because they can—and they will—easily overwhelm you if you mindlessly run into the fray and use up all your abilities. Once you have cleared this area as well, return to the first area to recover, and then repeat the process until you are satisfied with your farm.

Surviving in the Root Sunder Ruins for ESO Account Holders

  • If you have a friend you can team up with, it’s advisable that you bring them along to make farming easier. This area could be dangerous once the enemies continually spawn near you.
  • Sencha tigers can hit very hard.
  • Don’t fight in congested areas. Some areas in the Root Sunder Ruins may limit your movement; pull the enemies away to a more open space and deal with them from there.
  • AoE damage is perfect for this location because you can pick off a number of enemies from afar. Ranged fighters are also likely to farm with ease here, but they have to be extra careful and aware of nearby spawns.
  • The amount of hides you can get in one run is insane; in five minutes, you can get about 80 hide scraps. Not bad, eh?
  • Even the trash you get here could be pretty useful. Simply deconstruct them and sell them for some extra gold for your ESO account.