Power Leveling Tips for Elder Scrolls Online Weapons Collectors P2

What does Power Leveling Tips for Elder Scrolls Online Weapons Collectors P2 mean?

As you advance into higher levels, you will notice in the Elder Scrolls Online that the levels are getting harder and harder to achieve, and your weapon skill has begun to fall behind. Fear not, this article will cover a few power leveling tips for you Elder Scrolls Online weapons collectors! Whether you simply want to speed your way to 50 or max out a crafting skill quickly – read on below!

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World Bosses, Dark Anchors, Dungeons for Elder Scrolls Online Weapons Collectors

The world is big and brimming of enemies to kill – all of which will reward you Elder Scrolls Online items and, more importantly, experience points. World Bosses and Dark Anchors are great for making some easy experience while also obtaining loot. Questing is and will always be the most efficient way to get levels, but dungeons take this a step further. If you can get a group of at least four people together, you can run dungeons until you get sick of them. If you enter these instances with the Ring of Mara, you will receive a substantial boost through the entire dungeon. Since dungeons tend to have multiple bosses, the experience point boost will stack up nicely by the end.

Reading More Books for Elder Scrolls Online Weapons Collectors

Bookshelves are all over the place, and just like in the previous Elder Scrolls games, certain books will reward you will skill ups. Though this will not contribute to your overall character level, it’s a good way to level up individual skills, especially those that you don’t really use. It only takes a second to interact with a bookshelf, and you don’t have to actually read it; just interact with the book and go.

You’ll appreciate this more when it comes to the Crafting department. Leveling up crafting skills takes time and, of course, money. However, reading books is absolutely free! There is no way to predict what books you might find, or how often you will find skill books, which is why it is important to check every bookshelf. If you’re lucky though, you will get some free skill ups in the crafting field you wanted to pursue, saving you time and money. More money not only means more leveling, but also more Elder Scrolls Online weapons and armor for you to purchase!

Low Level Skills vs. High Level Enemies for Elder Scrolls Online Weapons Collectors

The amount of experience it takes to level a skill doesn’t change based on your level or any other factor. So say you want to level your bow up and it is Level 1, but your character is Level 20. You can use a Level 20 bow to fight level 20 monsters and gain experience a normal Level 20 would. Since your skill is so low though, it will blast through the levels due to the high amount of experience that is being rewarded. Of course, the higher level enemies you fight the greater the effect will be, so a max level character can fight Level 50 enemies, and level up a brand new skill very quickly.