LoL Account – the Strange Meta of Season 6

What does LoL Account – the Strange Meta of Season 6 mean?

Way back in season 2 to season 5, the Meta are pretty much standard. We have a tough champion in the top lane that could stay for long period of time. We have a burst or long range ability power champion in the mid lane. We have a champion with high sustain in the jungle. And the bottom lane duo: attack damage carry and support.

In season 6, weird Meta starts to develop.

LoL Account – the Strange Meta of Season 6: Mid AD Carry

With the rework of corki, renowned mid laners such as faker, febiven started using corki because of its burst damage and hyper wide mobility, which allow the mid laner to escape after assassinating someone. It is a classic mid lane champion Meta, which can now be exploited on corki.

Corki has range, burst damage, and continuous damage making him a good candidate in the mid lane.

LoL Account – the Strange Meta of Season 6: Jungle AD Carry

The release of kindred is also the time where people started to notice that the revamped graves is a viable jungler due to his auto attack’s knock back which hinders the neutral creeps to deal damage against him.

Again, like corki, the newly revamped ‘graves’ has great burst damage. Ending the game really early is a thing in season 6. Wherein, burst damage is a catalyst to instantly kill a champion under the tower and gain a tremendous advantage in the mid game and late game.

LoL Account – the Strange Meta of Season 6: Top AD Carry

Since, bruiser top laner is a thing; Quinn in the top lane becomes also a think. She could kite these champions with ease and respond in a top fight with extreme speed.


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