ESO Gold – Significant Updates

What does ESO Gold – Significant Updates mean?

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Elder scrolls online is never boring, especially with the stream of updates coming every month. But elder scrolls online is sometimes annoying. The developers don’t care about the updates they have released. They release an update and will not fix its bugs until players tell them about it, although it is really efficient and minimizes their work if players find the bugs themselves, kind of annoying though, helping the developers clean their mess.

ESO gold – Crown Store Showcase

Crown store features new aesthetic costumes (Priest of the green, Breton hero armor, Rumare waterfront casual wear and City isle tunic dress), mounts (Doom wolf mount), and pets (Colovian badger and Turquoise nixad).

Personally, the only good aesthetic gear is the Breton hero armor. It has the cloak of mystery around. Wearing it might feel like you are something special because of the cloth that hides the character’s mouth. It is like the FBI of elder scrolls. Surely, people dressed like Breton hero armor is up to something.

Doom wolf mount is special. It is a limited time offer that will only be available from july 21 to july 25.

Update 11

Update 11 is a big update. It features new contents, contents that will soon inhabited by bugs that will annoy players.

Fashion will probably catch somebody’s attention because they will have a chance to revamp their character’s ugly faces. Another thing, they implemented name change which is kind of questionable. Being able to casually change a name as long as a player has crowns can be daunting as they can exploit this name change to do something nasty like scamming a friend’s friend or a mother’s mother or a father’s father. And in the history of MMORPG, it happened so many times.


The update 11 is going to be big, expect tons of bugs in it. And the name change is really nasty.