ESO Gold – Power Leveling in Elder Scrolls Online

Leveling is one hell of a tedious work in any MMORPG games. Leveling or grinding is more like an errand instead of playing to enjoy the game. In exchange, upon reaching the desired level, the feeling of accomplishment is massively rewarded.

Grinding is often hated by players. Some players even quit the game when they found out that the game is merely focused on hours of grinding, while in fact, the longer the grinding the longer the game lasts.

ESO gold – Power Leveling in Elder Scrolls Online: Grind with a Friend

Solitary grinding is torture. Imagine you are in the middle of nowhere, killing unknown creatures. It is like being imprisoned while babysitting unknown creatures.

Grinding with a friend is one way to kill the tediousness of grinding. If you do not have a friend, skip to the next power leveling.

If you have friend, join him with his grinding and talk to each other while grinding. It is non-sense, but at least having a companion makes grinding less boring and it is faster as two players can kill a single monster faster.

ESO gold – Power Leveling in Elder Scrolls Online: Find and Read the Books

Books are scattered around the map. These chunks of papers could really help increase an individual skill. Just simply walk through the bookshelves and interact with books. You do not have to read them all just simply interact and you get the bonus.

ESO gold – Power Leveling in Elder Scrolls Online: Explore

Discover new maps and you gain experience. Roam around the vast world of elder scroll. Adventure is more fun than killing the same creature over and over. In adventure, you get to explore different kinds of creature and players.


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