ESO account – Skill, Skill Reset, Skill Points

What does ESO account – Skill, Skill Reset, Skill Points mean?

Messing up a skill build is a common problem for new players. As a beginner, you don’t have an idea of which skill to get, resulting into curiosity and trying all the skills. In your perspective, some are bad, some are good, but you actually don’t know if it is actually good or bad because you do not have any experience about the game’s gameplay and Meta. You rate skills based on damage, which is a wrong. Some skills are utility, while some are for damage.

Wherein, a skill should be guided by the character’s purpose. As a result, you plan what to do. This is what we call ‘builds.’

ESO account – Skill Guide: Builds

Builds makes elder scrolls online complex and interesting. Characters are like an empty bottle and builds are the content. Example: dragon knight as the character and damage as build. Wherein, you got a container with steroids.

Builds are not limited to the character’s appearance. Most people think that dragon knights is attack damage focused class, while it could be exploited as a tank.

ESO account – Skill Guide: Skill Reset

In elder scrolls online, it is possible to reset skill in exchange of 100 gold per point, which a total of 11,800 gold in order to reset 118 skill points.

Skills points can be retrieved through visiting a rededication shrine located in: Aldmeri dominion at grahtwood just east of the wayshrine in elder root, daggerfall covenant at stormhaven on the west side of town in wayrest.

ESO account – Skill Guide: Skill Points and Attributes

Skill points are limited. A container always has space limit. Skill points symbolizes as the limit. A character cannot be a pure tank and pure attack. The user has to split it into two, making the character hybrid.


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