ESO Account – Community Overview of Elder Scrolls Online

A game is made for at least two reasons: as a platform for the narrative and a platform for players to compete. Other factors only support either of the two.

Elder scrolls online is no exception. However, it has both narrative and competitive aspects.

The wonderful thing about ESO’s community is, people help each other out though they do not have to. Wherein, it is not even a factor in the game to help people, still players help each other.

ESO Account – Community Overview of Elder Scrolls Online: Reddit

There is this player in elder scrolls online who posted in reddit saying “I only have 700 coins, the cheapest horse in the stable costs 10,000 coins. Is that cheap? If so, then, I am not doing something right to my money. It is why I don’t get much.”

Someone replied “if you really like the game and planning to stay, I would be willing to give you 10k for the horse.”

In a generic online game community, rich player would not even bother giving a new player a dime. It is not that they do not have money. For them, it is a waste of effort.

ESO Account – Community Overview of Elder Scrolls Online: Pay to Play

Elder scrolls online is not free. You only have to play once and you get to play forever, no subscription and stuff!

Games that require payment have less toxic players. Payment like subscription fee or paying for the game filters toxic players, as these players only play free to play games.

ESO Account – Community Overview of Elder Scrolls Online: Competition with Friendly Environment

In a competition, players are expected to have a heated battle to the point that it is becoming more of a personal than a simple game.

In elder scrolls online, there is harmony. The winners are humble. The losers are gracious.

However, this kind of environment is boring. Some people prefer trash talk after a battle for more interesting battle to come!


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