Lothar’s Edge Dota 2 items Spotlight Part 1

What does Lothar’s Edge Dota 2 items Spotlight Part 1 mean?

Lothar’s edge was very popular during dota 1. The item works pretty well with nevermore, krobelus, and other heroes that require invisibility to cast their ultimate or skill.

The item is not a luxury items. In fact, it is an item – very effective in the early game, and garbage in the late game.

However, when dota 2 comes out, and championships are being held around the world, we do not see professional players use lothar’s edge often.

We will unveil the truth behind this.

Lothar’s Edge Review for Dota 2 items Collectors: Denying Enemy’s Prospect

Lothar’s edge is an item originally for agility heroes. But later in dota 1, the developers changed it to attack damage bonus instead of giving agility, for general use.

It is an item that enables hero to use wind walk and gains momentary invisibility and movement speed, perfect for long cast time abilities.

It is both an offensive and defensive item. Wind walk can be used as an initiate, sneak behind the enemy and do some magic. A defensive item, when being chased, wind walk is very useful, as it provides invisibility that unable opponent to see you, and movement speed for faster running speed.

Overall, it is a good item, cheap, good attack damage, possible to build during the early game. But why professional players stopped using this wonderful item? If it is cheap; gem of true sight and dust of appearance are cheaper, there goes your lothar’s edge, easily countered, not to mention there is pink wards too.

Lothar’s Edge Review for Dota 2 items Collectors: Pros

It is one of the dota 2 items that can easily be acquired. It is an early game item.

Lothar’s edge is a perfect item for snowballing during the early where the opponent has no extra gold to buy dust of appearance or gem of true sight.

It can be used by anyone, as it adds attack damage.

Lothar’s Edge Review for Dota 2 items Collectors: Cons

Can easily be countered by gem of true and dust of appearance, these are very cheap items, affordable by anybody.

If you are a player used on buying lothar’s edge, then, you have to change the way how you buy dota 2 items.