Burying the Bones in the Sand: Items for Sand King in Dota 2

What does Burying the Bones in the Sand: Items for Sand King in Dota 2 mean?

SOME CALL ME, CRIXALLIS! Sand King is a strength hero who has the ability to initiate team fights with his great mobility skills. His great DPS capability gives him the nuke he needs to kill creeps and neutral creeps to get the Dota 2 Items he needs.

Sand King

In this guide, I will give you some tips on how to play Sand King in the jungle or hard lane.

Items and Skill Build for Jungle Sand King

In playing the Sand King in the jungle, there are several things you need to consider so you can farm faster which are the following:

  • Getting the Sand Storm – Level 3 Sand Storm at Level 5 Hero – if you decided to level 3 this skill, your mobility in helping the safe lane would be limited since the range of your Burrowstrike is kind of short but in exchange, this will maximize your damage output in killing neutral creeps.
  • Pulling to Stack Camps – stacking neutral creeps on camps is the most effective way to get the farm and experience you need. In stacking camps, always get the medium and large camps since they have greater gold bounty and exp. (E.g. Centaur, Wolf, Satyr, Ogre, Mud Golems, Hellbear, Wildwing and Troll Camps). Stacking them twice, thrice or if lucky, 4x would be a good source of gold.
  • Checking the Stack time – always pay attention on the in-game time. Since you will stack camps, you need to be aware of the time every minute.
  • Gank Timing – If you reached level 7 or 8, you can also help the mid lane and safe lane (disregarded if you are teamed with dire or radiant). You can also consider your Burrowstrike level, since level 3 is enough to make a successful gank.

Mobility Dota Items – Blink Dagger (Core Item), Force Staff and Eul’s Scepter of Divinity

Utility item – Aghanim’s Scepter (Core Item) will dramatically improve the Burrowstrike’s burrow range, Aether Lens, Veil of Discord (Core Item). Scythe of Vyse,

Survivability Item – Black king bar (Core Item), Octarine Core, Glimmer Cape or Shadow Blade.

Cosmetic Items for Sand King

There are several Dota 2 items and bundle sets you can get for Sand King. Stylish and yet intimidating; Getting the Barren Crown Immortal Item will modify Sand king’s Burrowstrike icon, skill particles and animation.