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We’re Totally Just Another Gaming Site

We’re Totally Just Another Gaming Site

No, we're pretty serious about just being another gaming site; we're just a bunch of dudes that sit around all day and play games. From time to time, there's a small spark of brilliance that pops out from our game-addled brains that concern stupid things about...

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Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales Soundtrack

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales Soundtrack

John Paesano It’s funny, when you get started on these things, it’s so early in the process you can’t really predict how big or how not big it’s going to be. It’s Spider-Man, you know, it’s always been a big property, but it’s been done so many times that you kind of...


The act of playing on a smurf account, an alternative account with a lower level or rank than the player's main account, in order to play with friends or do activities no longer possible on the main account.

Battle Royale

A subgenre of PVP-oriented action games, usually first-person shooters, where all players are up against one another, and the only one to survive will be considered as the winner.


A mechanic in most gacha games where players have an increased probability of getting certain items or characters. Often has a time limit on availability, but it depends on the game.


A microtransactions system where players use premium currency in order to obtain a random character or item. Usually found in gacha games, which, as the name implies, utilizes gacha as the primary means for players to obtain characters and items. Originates from the...


A term in World of Warcraft or other similar online games where groups of players, typically weaker as individuals, attack other players or player in an attempt to overwhelm by numbers. The term was coined from "Zerglings", the smallest unit in the Zerg army, a...